What Happened to the Paradise Post blog?

In case you hadn’t noticed, Powerpointparadise.com is down again! Host Gator has also restricted our access, so there is nothing I can do to relieve the pressure on that (shared) server, and my ultimate webmaster has no time to be involved, he said, and so we are looking again at a 2-3 week down period for our main site and blogs there. Or longer? Or none at all??

So if you want to know what is really going on in the world, please go to our new blog STARRYNEWS.Wordpress.com to check for any updates and old and new posts, and at   ancientpatriarchs.wordpress.com for our old and new REAL History articles I might be enabled to do.

I have no idea how to remedy the situation, and have turned it all over to our Boss Upstairs! I personally have hardly any desire in the matter anymore, other than: HIS WILL BE DONE! I would be happy just to use this WordPress platform to blog the latest news, but of course I lose my present 500 visitors per day now and I’d lose all my many high ratings in the search enigines, irretrievably so, for a long time. It takes a long time to get high SEO ratings.

I’m sure our enemies are very happy with this set-back, as my sites were kicking some serious hiney, and I believe that some of these may even have had a hand in overcharging my site with many rapid refreshed subsequent visits in order to drive Hostgator’s server crazy, so they would shut it down! Actually I did see how many visits suddenly were coming in for one article that I posted here on  AincientPatriarchs.wordpress.com a couple days ago, called….

13 Natural Disasters of Ancient Times in Antiquity


Suddenly there were all these San Diego Govt. “education” people coming to that page on my downed History Blog, even though most of them are God-hating Socialist Darwinians in those circles, especially in California, and they obviously HATE that page with a vengeance as it is like good healthy web-candy for curious young people who want to know what really happened so long ago, who we can lead away from the Darwinian Sci-Fi towards REAL Ancient History. And it would not surprise me that it was them who did the damage. OK so what! A Darwinian point scored, but… they are surely losing the war. BIG time! All over the frigged globe, ferociously frigged by them! And fracked, and frustrated, and frittered away into Hades. Sad story! But Happy Ending!

It happened before, also from “educators” that time from Sidney Australia! That so-called progressive Hell-hole Down Under! The same God-hating control freaks as in San Diego and Orange County who’d lust to brainwash our collective kids worldwide without any interference of us, Heaven’s People.

They prefer Hell and as misery loves company they hate to be the lone losers, so they are trying to win as many impressionable young souls for Hades as we are trying to win for Heaven. What a sad self-chosen fate and dark, dismal, dystopic, isolated, lonely, loveless, hopeless destiny these useful dummies are courting and inviting upon themselves! T’is tragic.

Don’t they learn anything from others’ narrow escapes from Hell type Near Death Experiences? — Like the former atheist Christ-cursing liberal wannabe art professor Howard Storm’s Hell experience? I guess they don’t want to or at least they tell themselves that they are not real, even though the experiencers insist that they were more alive and conscious when they were “dead” than when they were alive!

See it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oRk9_dK7Quo

So yes, all my many years long built up influence would ALL go down the drain and also my opportunity to have simple HTML pages and post and upload big powerpoint presentations and MP3-s, outside of my three WordPress blogs that are on that site, which are also down now of course.

So hear my tale of woe and battle in the midst of stormy weather. Life is a continual battle between the forces of God and the bitte forces of Stan the Devil. I call him Stan these days. Stupid Stan! Satan is almost becoming a title of respect for his deluded worshippers. Like awesome Satan! Nah! He is stupid Stan, and he can go to hell as far as I am concerned, where he actually already is anyway running his counterfeit colour revolution from Hades [the unseen state] against the unbeatable Angelic Forces of Creator God and our blessed Father of spirits and His altogether lovely Son Jesus, the only Christ.

These “liberal educators” are the most deluded useful idiots in the world, and I get sick when I visit their sticky-sweet websites, to see all these know-it-all smarmy smart-in-their-own-eyes plitically correct propagandists fooling around with all these precious young people in their “care”. It is unconscionable what they are destroying in these new souls fresh from Heaven. I pity those kids in Murrikah, especially in these politically correct areas like California. HELL on Earth! And they are being turned into Hell more and more each passing day, even though they don’t believe David’s prediction that “the wicked shall be turned into Hell, and all the nations that forget God.” (Psalm 9:17)

It is not God who is turning them into hell. It is they themselves, and STAN of course that are doing it to themselves. Kind seeks kind. Misery loves company. Corruption begets corruption. Violence violence. Like what California has now been suffering: This Methane leak. It is sickening and poisoning many people, and there is nothing they can do about it, except the few Christians still there can invoke God’s protection through prayer.

It wasn’t God that caused it to leak? It was corrupt governors and smarmy corporations that knew about the leak already years ago and just in their selfishness refused to take care of it. It is a mine turned repository and it was already leeaking years ago. Why did they use it anyway? And why didn’t they fix it sooner? Selfishness!

BitterSelfish people! I’d say that is the first thing that turns societies, cultures, and nations into hell. Simple selfishness and BITTERNESS! Ooh bitterness is such a curse on people. I know soooo many people who suffer from bitterness, about their parents, about their upbringing, about their friends, about their enemies, about their frustrations, and then when they run out of people or circumstances to blame they turn their blame toward God. They are bitter against the God they profess not to believe in. That’s WOMAN’s logic! So sad, stupid, and pathetic, just like Stan himself is.

Bitterness is such a disease that so many suffer from, and also dooms some or many of them to Hell because of it. Don’t you be Stan’s next meal! He is defintely not worthy of so much attention and praise and gain and collection of sad souls.

Anyway I love you all. Please pray that Stan will get his fingers chopped OFF of my site and that it will run again!

Lots of love and peace to you all,

Lu Xian Sheng



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