Love Rice, Hate Rice, Ignore Rice! Which Are You? A REAL Science experiment!

Watch with CC texts, FOR BETTER understanding in English! THIS shows, proves how we win, lose, or ignore the battle over the World for the Kingdom of Love, and the battles of the Evil one against us, or by ignoring this battle it covers us in the ice and snow of indifference. IF you are not changed after watching this, you are the third category? But maybe we shouldn’t say that? 😉 Well, to tell you the truth; that is the very reason I am posting this and other posts and videos for over 18 years now, to -sad to say – mostly indifferent people, hoping that the GOOD intentions and words will pay off some day in the very long run.  A harvest of good,loving, faithful, loyal souls to Jesus Christ, the God Man with the best WORD and the best INTENTIONS toward you, and all of us.

But woe unto him — and I am thinking of someone special right now who tragically is destroying his own soul and those of others by mean false accusing words, bitter vengeance, lack of faith in God, blame and negativeness, painting people black whom he accuses of all the misfortune that God allowed to come to him, who says, that “Vengeance is MINE!!!” IOW: “Get your grimy hands OFF that vengeance, brother! It doesn’t belong to you! At all!”

He is no Job, who finally took things in stride, though he struggled. He is no Joseph, despised by his own brothers and family, and SOLD by them as a slave to the Enemy empire. He is no Abraham who had to “sacrifice” his own son, the only hope of humanity, the Seed,  although it finally wasn’t required of him. He is no David who had to learn under evil disobedient King Saul, and refused to kill him when it was in his power to do so, but he faithfully endured the ordeal until God turned the tide and made him king over Israel. This man is neither Isaac who dutifully yielded to being the sacrificial lamb on his father’s altar! And this person is definitely neither some kind of copy of Jesus Himself, Who was like a silent Lamb going to the slaughter, and quietly gave His Life for the Salvation of all of us, although we are supposed to be imitators of the Christ.

No! Sad to say this man’s countenance is witnessing against him, bitterness and rejection are etched in his features now, whereas before he was nice and inspiring to look at, recommended by all who knew him in his positive state. Now his eyes are hateful, scared, fearful, suspicious looking out, hard features, and a dark shadow over his spirit, uninspiring to look at, like the black, orange moldy rice in this video. Dismal, despicable, as the vile murderous intentions of his fallen heart. “He who hates his brother….  is a murder!” St. John says. How true! I stopped talking to this man, because a man convinced against his will, is of the same opinion still. Why should  I talk to this man, when he primarily stopped listening to the Holy Spirit, even though he thinks he represents Her in his “ministry for God?” I wonder which God he is serving right now. If the God of Love can’t reach this man, how can I reach him??

I don’t hate this man. I love and respected this man until he began to destroy himself and his friends, his own BROTHERS! How deeply sad that is. Like Judas. How sad to only blame others and never to look at your self for any faults and missteps he may have made. Doesn’t it say.. that LOVE CONQUERS ALL?? And that LOVE NEVER FAILETH! ?

So, yes the power of Love and of beneficial intentions – and its evil opposite – is very very real, and even if you don’t know this man, pray for him, that he may see the error of his ways and find forgiveness from the God of Love he professes to serve. Even if you don’t know him personally, God knows who he is. IF I were in his last state, i would appreciate prayers of anonymous people.

So watch this, and if the above speaks to you, find the good words of God to speak to yourself to change from darkness to light, and from evil to good, and from hate to love, and most of all don’t be ignored or ignorant, but ring the bells of conscience to everyone in the land. It is a crime in times of dire need to do nothing. After all Jesus said, I would rather have you hot or cold, but if you are lukewarm I will spit you out of My mouth.

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