St. Patrick Patron Saint of Ireland Who Served the Irish Rather Than the Church System

St Patrick – The Apostle of Ireland, powerfully portrayed by Patrick Bergen! This movie is interesting in spite of all the special effects, but only God knows what his miracles really looked like. One thing is for certain; God’s true missionaries are hardly ever appreciated by the Ecclesiastical authorities who care most for power and finances through tax and tithes. God’s true shepherds are very different from the hirelings, most interested in the hire, whose own the sheep are NOT! The true shepherd lays down his life for the sheep. MUST WATCH! Continue reading “St. Patrick Patron Saint of Ireland Who Served the Irish Rather Than the Church System”

St Patrick’s Confession, a Sinner, and Patron Saint of Ireland

Did you know that St. Patrick was not a Roman Catholic? Sure! He has been adopted by the Roman Catholic church, but he was what Pope Bergoglio would call, “A do-it-yourself-Christian!” The kind of Christian that ascribed to fundamentalism, which Pope Bergoglio calls a disease! Why! Because St. Patrick believed the Scripture! He would say with Luther, Sola Scriptura! ONLY The Scripture!

You see, Patrick was called by God without any ties to the Roman church, for in the days that Partick was called and began to preach, the church was still a church of DIY-ers that were called by God. There was some eccelsiastical structure, but very simple and very pure still in those days, mostly consisting of real missionaries and people with a shepherd’s heart, the real meaning of the word pastor.

Patrick, a native of Britian, was born in 389 and died around 461 AD. he was the son of a deacon and grandson of a presbyter. He was carried away as a slave when he was 16 into ireland, but later when back in Britain he had a vision and a call to return to ireland

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