How to Know the Will of God? — 如何做決定?


漢語版本在英語版本之下! – Chinese version below English.

Every one of us has countless decisions which we must face every day of our lives. Every time of conflict, of testing and trial is a time of DECISION. But the point is, HOW do you make your decisions? How can you KNOW you are making the right ones, those which will bring the best results and help you achieve your goals?
Putting it simply, for true Christians, MAKING A DECISION IS ACTUALLY FINDING OUT WHAT GOD’S WILL IS; what God knows will be best according to how HE sees the situation. After all, only GOD is way out there in FRONT, and only He knows what is going to happen, and only He is able to lead us.

But the worst thing in the World to do is to keep going ahead when you don’t know what to do. That was the tragic mistake of so many of history’s failures who thought they didn’t need the Lord’s direction. Sooner or later it always proves true that those who SUCCEED in God’s Kingdom are those who look to God’s WORD to lead them, and the ones who fail are those who go without it.

Unfortunately, there are many Christians who haven’t yet discovered that Jesus was serious when He said, “Ask and it SHALL be given you, seek and you SHALL find, knock and the door SHALL be opened for you.”–Matthew 7:7. God means just what He says! It’s a PROMISE!

The following 7 points will help you to more clearly and easily discover the Will of God for your life. As you read them, think about them and APPLY these basic guidelines to ANY DECISION you are faced with. The Lord will NOT fail to show you the ANSWER you need! It is so comforting to know that whatever GOD shows you ALWAYS works out!


NO.1 THE WORD is the FIRST place we look to find the Will of God! And when God speaks to you right through HIS Word, then you KNOW it’s right! The Bible is the SURE Word of God and it NEVER fails! In God’s Word you can find the answer to every question and the solution to every problem. When you ask God for answers, let Him speak to you through His Word!

NO.2 THE VOICE OF GOD’S WORD is when the Lord brings to mind a certain verse or passage from the Scriptures, or as you are reading, all of a sudden a verse seems to jump at you as if it were written just for YOU! It’s as if the Lord had whispered it in your ear. It begins to apply to you personally, and suddenly it becomes REAL! It’s no longer just mere words, but you finally get the point of what God is trying to show you!

NO.3 DIRECT REVELATION! Sometimes God uses a dream or vision, a voice or prophetic message to show you what to do. You KNOW it is from God if it AGREES with and DOESN’T CONTRADICT His WORD. It’s so wonderful to get the answers straight from the Lord! When you’ve got the concrete evidence from Him, His WORD on the subject, then you know you’re on the right track & you can go ahead & ACT with CONVICTION–& WITHOUT HESITATION! That settles it! You’ve heard from Heaven!

NO.4 GODLY COUNSELLORS! When finding God’s Will in a decision, it is often wise to ask others for their opinion. However, it is important to WEIGH the counsel you receive, and to prayerfully consider the SOURCE that it comes from! How RELIABLE are their leadings from the Lord? Do they bear GOOD FRUIT themselves and produce good results from their own actions and decisions? “By their fruits,” Jesus says, “you will know them!”–Matthew 7:20.

NO.5 OPEN AND CLOSED DOORS! If something is God’s Will, He’ll usually open the door and make it possible! Which direction is God providing or opening the way and the means to do it? That is one way to find out the direction God is leading. Of course circumstances and conditions are not always the final criteria for finding the Will of God, but they can sometimes be an indication.

Often by closing one door and opening another, the Lord leads and directs us. God has certain set-ups and situations which suddenly become golden opportunities. At times like these we should take decisive ACTION and not miss the Lord’s timing, otherwise what was a golden opportunity could become a LOST opportunity! So after you’ve prayed about any door that opens and perhaps have discussed it with others, and checked it with His Word, then GO ahead.

NO.6 BURDENS, strong impressions or feelings can sometimes be an indication of God’s leading. It isn’t always wise to go by feelings, but if something is really of God you’ll have an inner CONVICTION, what many Christians call the “Witness of the Holy Spirit”! It can be a still small Voice in your heart! In your heart you feel you just have the FAITH. You just KNOW that’s the Will of God and that’s what you’re supposed to do, or not do. His Word says, “You will hear a voice beside you saying, this is the way; walk ye in it.”–Isaiah 30:21.

NO.7 A FLEECE is the term given to a system of CHECK AND DOUBLECHECK with God. It’s like an agreement with God to show you if you are on the right track or not. And if you ask Him whole-heartedly, you won’t be disappointed! Sometimes you can actually specify the kind of revelation you’d like God to give you like the Prophet Gideon did in the Bible. (See Judges 6:36-40.) Gideon laid a fleece (sheepskin) on the ground and said, “Now Lord, if the fleece is wet with dew in the morning, but the ground is dry, then I’ll KNOW it is You talking to me!” But then he wanted to be doubly sure, so the next day he said, “If the fleece is dry and the ground is wet, I’ll believe it!”, and that is just what the Lord did each time! Then Gideon knew that God was with him. If the Lord hadn’t done the miracle, Gideon might have quit entirely and lost heart!

Regarding fleeces: Although they seem like an easy and supernatural way, they are the LEAST RELIABLE of the 7 ways to discover God’s Will, only to be used in conjunction with the other more dependable points shared above. In fact, the more ways you employ in making decisions, the greater the assurance will be that your decision is right.

+   +   +   +   +   +   +

What a comfort it is when you know that you’re in God’s Will! It’s the SAFEST PLACE to be in the whole World! No matter if war is breaking out all about you and there is darkness and storm, you’ll be safe in the hands of God as you follow Him to victory.

Just be sure it’s RIGHT, then GO ahead.–To the right place, at the right time, with the right people and God will bless it! He will lead you if you’ll follow. But don’t run off on your own just because something LOOKS good to you; be sure to keep in line with His WORD and with His blessings. Any combination of two or three or more of these little guidelines can help to CONFIRM God’s Will for YOUR life.

And that is why we wanted to share with you these guidelines to help you to keep in touch with your Heavenly Commander-in-Chief at all times. That’s one line of communication that can NEVER be broken. You’ll always have a hotline to Heaven and you can get your orders straight from the Lord Himself as He guides you through the many difficult situations you will face. Even when you seem to be all alone, God will always be there by your side to direct your every move. All you have to do is ASK Him, and the answer will come! Whether it be in public, at home or in any situation, God is EVERYWHERE! “He knows, He loves, He cares, nothing His truth can dim! He gives His very best to those who leave the choices up to Him!”

This is actually the FIRST requirement in finding GOD’S Will: Having no will of your OWN! His Word says, “Offer your bodies as LIVING SACRIFICES, holy and acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service. And be NOT conformed to THIS World, but be TRANSFORMED by the renewing of your mind, that you may KNOW what is the good and acceptable and perfect Will of God!”–Romans 12:1,2. SURRENDER your will, your body, your mind to the Lord and let HIM make the decisions, and you will never be disappointed!





第一 聖言:這是我們尋求上帝旨意的第一個地方!當上帝直接藉著祂的聖言向你說話時,那時你就知道那是對的!聖經是上帝確切的聖言,它永不失敗!在上帝的聖言中,你可找到每一個問題的答案及每一個難題的解決方法。當你祈求上帝給予你答案時,讓祂藉著祂的聖言向你說話吧!

第二 上帝聖言的聲音:這是主使你聯想起聖言中的某一章節和段落;或是當你在閱讀聖言時,突然間,其中一句章節在你眼前亮起,它猶如專為你寫下的一樣!就好像主在你耳中對你細語一樣。突然間你領悟到它對你來說是如此的真實與貼切,它不再只是一些區區話語,於是你終於明白,那正是上帝在設法向你顯示的事情!

第三 直接的啟示:有時候上帝用一個夢或異象2、一個聲音或富預言性的訊息,來向你顯示你該怎麼做。它若符合上帝的聖言,並不與聖言相違的話,你就知道它是來自上帝的。從主那裡直接得到答案是多麼的神奇美妙!當你從祂那裡得到明確的證據,以及祂的聖言對該主題的看法時,那麼你就知道你走在正軌上,你就可以充滿信心、毫不猶豫地勇往直前!你已做好了決定,你已從天堂3聽到答案!

第四 屬上帝的忠告者:當我們尋求上帝的旨意來作決定時,很多時候,請教他人給予意見是明智之舉。然而,有一點很重要,那就是你必須去衡量你所得到的忠告,及充滿禱告之心地去考慮這些忠告的來源是怎樣的。這些給予忠告的人,他們來自主的指引有多可靠呢?他們自己的行動和決定,有產生良好的結果嗎?耶穌說:「從他們的行為,你們就能夠認出他們來。」–馬太福音7:20。

第五 開啟和關閉的門戶:某件事物若是出自上帝的旨意的話,祂通常會打開門戶,使它成就!上帝在哪一個方向供應,或提供哪一條出路和方法去行事呢?這是找出上帝在指引你走哪個方向的一個方法。當然,靠環境和情況並不總是尋求上帝旨意的最終標準,但它們有時候可以是個作決定的指標。

第六 心願:即強烈的印象和感覺,它們有時是上帝指引你往那裡走的一個顯示方法。憑感覺行事並不總是明智之舉,但這份感覺若真的是來自上帝的話,你在內心將有一份堅定信念,許多基督徒稱之為「聖靈4的提示」!它是在你心中的一個平靜、微小的聲音!在你心中,你感覺到你就是有信心平安之感。你知道那就是上帝的旨意,那就是你該做或不應該做的事。祂的聖言說:「你們會聽見背後有聲音告訴你們:『這才是正路,踏上去吧。』」–以賽亞書30:21。

第七 「羊毛」(徵兆):它是指一個請上帝再三確定其旨意的方法。你先與上帝作一個協定,請上帝藉此來向你指示,你是否在正軌上。你若全心請示祂的話,你必不會失望的!有時候,你甚至可以明確地指明你想要上帝給你那一種啟示來確定祂的旨意,就如聖經中敘述先知基甸5所做的那樣。(閱士師記6:36-40)基甸把一塊羊毛放在地上,說:「主啊,那塊羊毛在早上若是充滿霧水,但地是乾的話,那麼我就知道,您在向我說話!」但然後他想要再三肯定,因此次日他說:「羊毛若是乾的,地卻是濕的,我就會相信!」而主每次都照樣做了!這樣基甸就知道上帝的確與他同在。主若沒有做這個奇蹟的話,基甸或許會完全喪志灰心了!


(Word Curriculum class-book1 topic10:”How to know the Will of God”)

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