Carolyn Hamlett & Loren Grace talk about Christian Witchcraft & the “Spirit Man” doctrine

Carolyn Hamlett and Loren Grace talk about Christian Witchcraft as it relates to the “Spirit Man” doctrine, and why they left Daniel Duval’s Bride Ministry. A great talk about staying close to Jesus and the Word instead of striving for gifts and becoming “somebody” instead of just a desire of the Holy Spirit just to help other needy people. These kind of teachings relate closely to Satanic teachings. A great discussion.

“Stop reading all those Christian self help books and listen to all these preachers! JUST READ GOD”S WORD INSTEAD! Wonderful testimony. Just get back to the basics, to the simplicity that is in Christ! God bless those girls! They’re on the right track!

Carolyn Hamlett and Loren Grace talk about Christian Witchcraft
as it relates to the “Spirit Man” doctrine.

I am a former “Illuminist” born and raised in the Luciferian organization responsible for implementing the plan for the NWO which is also Satan’s plan to install his chosen one in global rule under the pretense of ushering in an era of global peace and spiritual harmony. Throughout my life I was used in various capacities and departments in “The Plan” on both the physical and non physical levels which yielded to me a wide range of experiences and gave me privy to classified information. My on going testimony is of the power of Jesus Christ to deliver from the powers of darkness and to bring healing and restoration to the wounded and broken. I tell my story to expose the lies and tactics of the enemy and to point people to the One I know is in fact, The Way, The Truth and The Life, the One I owe my life to, my Savior, Jesus Christ. I have experienced and witnessed many fantastic and sensational things and have knowledge of many sensational topics, and yet, the most extraordinary, incredible, sensational and amazing of all (by far) is the saving and healing Power of Jesus Christ and God’s plan of salvation through him, Jesus Christ. Acts 4:12 Is and will remain my testimony


3 thoughts on “Carolyn Hamlett & Loren Grace talk about Christian Witchcraft & the “Spirit Man” doctrine

  1. God Bless these ladies for their bravery and willingness to speak the truth, I agree that they are definitely on the right track. People can really turn on you for speaking the truth though but if you really love people and you love the Truth then you have to keep warning them! Thank You for sharing this and GBYT TYJ!


  2. Merry Christmas! Dear Laners! Lots of love from Taiwan. Speaking the truth obliquely can do wonders. I don’t always do it like that, but I am still learning too. A link, a video, a referal to truth is softer than right between the eyes! Ha! I should know.
    Love you all

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    1. Merry Christmas! I always believe in trying all the nice ways first but when you have exhausted all those avenues then between the eyes is sometimes the only option you feel you have left but not really the best of ideas ha! The heart is in the right place but I have a lot to learn I’m afraid! Thanks for your good advice. Lots of Love to you all from this side of the ocean!


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